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Personal Evolution Defined

Personal evolution is a deep, profound, transformative process of change that involves a journey of self discovery, self awareness, and self acceptance.

Personal evolution often gets confused with personal growth. Personal growth is about becoming a better person, usually to do something. You’re increasing your knowledge and your understanding. You are learning new skills. You are changing your habits around and such to become a better version of yourself.

Whereas personal evolution is a bit more. It’s a deeply profound and transformative process of change. This could look like a spiritual awakening or a kind of dynamic shift that you’re making around who you are being. The shift may involve your values, your personal beliefs, or long held perspectives that have the ability to completely change who you are as a person.

It is a journey by way of self discovery, self awareness, self acceptance, and acknowledgement.

“Being a leader has a way of accelerating the need for personal evolution if you want to be successful, confident, and real. Self discovery, self awareness, an adaptive mindset, emotional intelligence, and self leadership is the key. You can’t be an effective leader that people trust if you don’t fully know, understand, or trust yourself.”

Biba Atta

Personal Evolution Facilitator