Personal Evolution Facilitator, Self-Care Catalyst & Energy Healing Practitioner.

Biba Atta is a Personal Evolution Facilitator, Self Care Catalyst, Energy Healing Practitioner, Intuitive Guide, and Author.

With a focus on inner exploration, self-discovery, and growth, Biba supports and facilitates the personal evolution of accomplished women – from seasoned corporate executives to established business owners.

Through her work, Biba provides resources, tools, and personally customized transitional support to assist clients while on their journey to stepping into their full potential authentically with confidence and authority.

why Work with Biba

Biba’s own personal evolution journey has been a source of inspiration for her work. Through her own experiences, Biba has gained valuable insights and tools that she now uses to support other women on their journeys.

She has a unique way of truly seeing people and making sure that they are heard and recognized. She can see through to the heart of the matter and tie important details together that are easy to miss. Biba appreciates who her clients are now and who they are becoming without adding pressure for changes to be made immediately. She reminds them of their humanity and that they deserve to be treated as such.

With a deep understanding of the challenges that come with personal evolution, Biba offers a safe haven for women to embark on the exploration their inner selves and embrace their true potential. Her approach is highly customized and personal, with each stage co-created with and for her clients, leading to living lives that are authentic, fulfilling, and meaningful.

Who Does Biba Support?


Biba primarily works with accomplished women – from seasoned corporate executives to established business owners. Her clients are realizing that true success begins with fully knowing and accepting themselves, outside of the roles they have created to reach their full potential.

Biba’s clients are:

– ready and willing to do the inner work

– fully invested in prioritizing themselves, because they understand they have to take care of themselves first in order to help those who depend on them

– interested in deeply exploring themselves to rediscover who they are at their core

– open to expanding beyond their comfort zones as they evolve