An Intuitively Curated Experience Combining Ritual, Sensuality, and Healing

The Taste is an intuitively curated virtual event series that creates a safe and sacred space for sensuality, deep personal connection, healing conversation, ritual, and intimacy.

It offers an intimate group of participants the opportunity for exploration on a deeper level through personal ceremony and spirituality in a supportive environment .

The Taste provides a unique experience that allows attendees to connect with themselves and others in a meaningful way.

Is The Taste For Me?

The Taste is primarily for people who are:

– Ready to explore new and unique transformative experiences

– Curious and open-minded

– Looking to deepen their personal connection to Self in a supportive and communal setting

– committed to their personal evolution and development journey

If you would like to be invited to experience the essence transformative and sacred space, apply below.

The Process

Everything about the Taste is intuitively guided. This includes the theme, the invitees, the activities, and when the event will take place. This means that for those in attendance, each event is uniquely created with you in mind.

The Taste, for me, has been an exercise in trust.

I cannot thank you enough for such a powerful session. I am still feeling light as a feather… and excited about showing up and playing FULL out!

You are a powerhouse! And there are so many people whose lives will be forever changed after working with you.

Stacey Herrera